Month: June 2001

i think i gotta modify my tax plan, the one i mentioned on the 13th. there is the issue of finding out a wealthy person’s income, by which i mean payroll and gains from investment. also, as this article points out, many of the profits made by a company dont make it out as income to the employees or shareholders. my plan didnt account for that. still, the taxes could be simplier and maybe my plan just needs a little tweakin. the man from alcoa, our treasury secretary, wants to get rid of social programs like social security and medicare. roll em back into single unified welfare and universal health care system respectively, paid by a progressive tax plan like i tried to put forth, and ill agree. id bet america might too. ive known for a while the chemical wasting of nutrients and energy that occurs in a carnivore diet, but i never did know the commonly understood waste of energythat goes into the business. i need to stop with the moo and oink. powell has now decided yes to an observing force like the palestinians and UN wanted, and we rejected, not so long ago. any bets on how long till the puppeteer team of cheney & rumsfield & rove make the Dubya doll call back the defiant secretary?

have you noticed the almost dramatic drop in gas prices? did demand decrease? did everyone just decide to drive less or leave the SUV at home? it doesnt appear that way to me. supply must have increased and got cheaper then. but OPEC didnt drop the prices or increase output. wait, OPEC’s prices havent changed for a long time, being about the same for the last couple years. what could it be? who was makin all the money and now is makin a bit less? why would they do that? were they doin somethin they shouldnt of and then got caught? oh yeah, the middle man. the refining companies. they must of figured out that decreasing supply means increasing profit. but somebody snitched em out, and now we get to see what they didnt want us to, that they used their oligopoly to keep out competitors, cut the refining capacity, make a bundle, and blame it all on environmental protections. still, i cant blame em. they are just abusin the system to make mo money. i blame the game, not the playa.privatizin social security, like that makes any sense. more social services, not less.

i couldnt have said it better myself, but i tried

new theory: get rid of payroll and even corporate taxes, and just drastically modify income taxes. make it like a fifty percent tax on all income over like $100,000. a little socialism while keeping the capitalist competition. accepting that corporate taxes are eventually really paid by the consumer, and payroll taxes are thus similarly split between employee and consumer, but companies still bitch about them, lets help both of them out. why should the rich have to pay more? cause we want to keep this a land of opportunity. “by tearing down the tollbooths on the way to the middle-class” and even farther, making products cheaper by removing the cost companies have to pass on down to consumers due to corporate taxes and the company-paid part of payroll taxes, and lessening the burden of retirement preparation on the middle-class to allow for greater investment in america, we can continue to improve on the opportunities afforded american citizens through public education and health care. in these united states, we must continue the tradition, allowing all of our people greater opportunity so that thru hard work, they can make their dreams come true. pyramidal societies dont work as they eventually cause revolution. cept for maybe egyptians, but i bet thats what befell them after the opiate of religion wore off.

this protest movement feeling does so much ebbin and flowin. i so wanted to go down there, to terre haute, to testify against the foolishness of revenge for revenge. im wrestlin with it still. even random body twitches. i wanted to go back when i wrote it, and i wanted to on thursday night. and i wanted to friday. and i didnt feel up to it today, sunday, when i called back marc. i feel that he heard that in my voice, the let down. mike told me to call him, and at that point i was hopin he would be givin some excuse that would thus be mine too. he said he was still up for it, and i said id call him back, and i waited till about 11 when i convinced myself again. couldnt reach him, and he had already resigned from the idea. but i was talkin to someone, and i think i convinced them to go. so thats cool. just that i still feel torn up about wussin out. if i drove myself now, id fall asleep. its a documented case, my eighteenth birthday. i want to stop it. hackers need to tap the power grid in indiana like they did in cali, bout 6 hours from now