Month: October 2000

gone green as ralph goes for that 34%, at least!

News Flash!
Nike has announced that if Bush gets elected, they plan on joining up with scientologists to start their own private high schools to take advantage of vouchers and faith-based money. Without a dollar out of their pockets, Nike plans on raking it in. Tax money gets converted to a voucher that students will use to pay Nike to go to this new school. Why? Cause they have religious class that teaches about aliens living under volcanos and the school uniforms are all hip Nike apparel. Forced free advertising. Investors are licking their lips.

the middle east is looking horrible recently, death and more death. i was gonna write about our politics, but they seem infinitely more important right now. in trying to understand the whole situation, i found palestinian propaganda. maybe this is why some can kill. as far as i get it, we helped to establish a state for people we felt were wronged at the time. make ourselves feel good, do a good deed, give the victims of the holocaust the land they have always called holy and their true home. problem is we do it and have to kick others out to do so. these displaced people are the palestinians. they were truly wronged, and resort to violence. of course that wont solve anything. but i think i agree with them till i get more information. mayor of jerusalem was on the charlie rose show saying their culture is one of violence, while he tried to say the jewish and christian cultures were not. glad he was challenged on that, almost got me actually. they are arabs and muslims, people of a different religion and skin color. lets paint them violent bastards like the native americans

hello world…i just saw dismemberment plan at the empty bottle. suffice it to say, phrasing, they were superb, words. bass and keyboard guy told me to leave and got me the last xl hoodie, good people. friends are valuable, and i felt alive times tonight. their web site was pro-nader, big pic of the man himself. signing off