Month: May 2003

way too many games get played. conservatives say tax givebacks need to be permanent to help people plan their financial lives, but then they sunset these tax plan changes to make them seem less costly to the federal budget. then they say tax cuts increase revenue and at the same time say it will help to limit the size of government. at what point before zero do tax cuts limit revenue? then you hear the current slump bein blamed on clinton and then the prosperity of the past couple years bein credited to the republican congress. have we found WMDs as the pres says, or not as our military on the ground there says? maybe i need to just stop tryin to understand my enemy, and change the station.

this idiocy should be enough to get them out in 2004. im sure it will be explained away soon enough.

found this, guess it might still change tho.

In Thomas’s office at the Supreme Court, he keeps a sign on the bookshelf. It reads: “SAVE AMERICA, BOMB YALE LAW SCHOOL.”Thomas should know. He’s an alumnus.
strange. he actually impressed me quite a bit on cspan late-night this week.

time to post again. saw howard dean on cspan this weekend, very impressive, even to laura. shocking! she didnt really like the big lebowski. expected. but also on cspan was a hearing on the fcc’s expected loosening of rules on media ownership. the airwaves are ours. they are public property. they are limited in number. they are only leased to these companies. seems to me this is one area where companies should not be allowed to own more than one AM, one FM, and one television station in a market. regarding the other medias, like cable and satellite tv and satellite radio and newspapers, specific media control is less needed i think. there should still be the regulation like in other fields, like preventing unfair monopoly controls as in other products. shifting gears completely, i really dont think a two state solution will work in the middle east as both sides claim the same holy places and the land of israel will split any reasonable palestinian state. it seems only right to me that there be one land, truly democratic, with basic respected rights for all. otherwise, you still have opposed people and now nations and eventually armies. and now im gonna give a little support to bush. just cause i didnt agree with the war against iraq and still wish we hadnt, i dont think we should somehow tie that into the new terror in saudi arabia and morocco and blame bush. terrorism sucks, and bush never said changing iraq was gonna stop it. he did say it would have a positive effect, but maybe one we would never really see. hunt the bad guys. try to limit the reasons somebody might wanna join these terrorist gangs. aint it somewhat similar? seems well be stuck with both for the foreseeable future.