Month: December 2001

have i said im dysfunctional, cause i am. marriage was brought up a lot in the last couple. im feeling like id like to move in with her, but at the same time, i end up avoiding spending time with her. very screwy. should i have written this? i feel like the answer is a simple no, while i know i had to. came out better than it started

tear gas and rubber bullets. it was about eight months ago that i hauled my ass up to quebec city to tell the world i thought that those secret papers, what i knew about them, were a bad idea. we played our games and danced and marched and acted out the scenes in unison up north so that, hopefully, maybe, it wouldnt be reality down south later. hunger and death. now we got policy played out. at least the media is mentioning it amidst the war prop. but no discussion, no understanding. been simmerin for four months at least. we rebellious youth of privilege are not alone. this is what we try to represent. this is what we have been askin you to see and hear. how bout now? still we will not rest.

some good news. hes probably off death row and out the supermax. freaked when i read it at work today.

its just a rumor, but ive gotta document this guess just in case im right, and it would be damn cool. i think microsoft and replaytv, separately, are gonna try some kinda video-on-demand stuff. microsoft on the xbox and replaytv on their new DVR. why did i think of this? first, because it makes so much sense as they both have ethernet and hard drives and hook up to tvs. second, cause the new replaytv box is all about sharing recorded stuff already. third, cause microsoft has come out and said they have some other future plans for the xbox. and fourth, a deal between intertainer and microsoft. yeah, i struggle alot, between my green side that says big corps are so bad and my little kid inside who loves the new toys.

so doesnt this fit under the USA Patriot act somewhere or other, i got scared when some lady at work called me to say she got it and ran it. we can have a secret trial and kill em and throw them off a boat in the mediteranean. and if the kids are livin in israel, then im considerin that whole govt shit for harborin those little rascals. bet they even learned some programmin at public schools. terror trainin grounds. men, were done with afghanistan, and saddam aint nothin compared to those geeks in israel. lets blow up sharon’s place and his little dog too.