Month: September 2003

it was so nice to find this via dean blog comments. i just saw him saying the same thing on charlie rose a day or so ago. my macroecon prof likes him, started the semester with two of his articles. time to finish the espanol.

the DLC has brought out their big gun, Wesley Clark. right now, its about the money. Dean does not need to play to big money cause he has lots of small money. i feel thats why he has been able to take the positions he has. without it, he would have to slide more to the game of corporate interest. this is what i wish the kucinich folks would try to understand. i really feel Clark is the latest of attempts to bring us grassroot democrats back under corporate control. if Wes cant do it, i wouldnt be surprised at Hillary jumping in even. Gore has come over to our side, i think. anyway, Wes says hes more moderate. tell us what that means, Arnold. we must keep up the fight.

have you forgotten? no, not about the many who died today, 2 years ago. tears in my eyes while watching a special on msnbc. trouble in my throat when i listen to springsteen’s ‘the rising’. ive got a cop and a fireman for brothers. my use of those words are not those of a song to rally support for a war. i utter them to rouse the memory, the memory of how our anger and fears were manipulated into a war we did not need. i rallied with like-minded folks in downtown chicago. i joined with them to march and block traffic on lake shore drive. i did it because i felt it was right. and it was fun. i did not know. i did not know if i was right or wrong, but it felt right to me. my heart and my head. there was this mock law class at NU law school yesterday that i went to. chicago ave, between michigan and lake shore drive, where we got held up by police after the march, that night before i had my wisdom teeth removed. there was a peace rally at water tower place, last night. luckily i was early enough to stop by before the class. guy asked me if i had them, and so i did and gave him a dean button and bumper sticker. it was not all supposed to be connected like this, 911 and this war, nor this life.

At the debate tonight…
A Protester: “Wheres La Rouche?!!! Wheres Laroche???!!!”
Howard Dean: “I suspect he’s in JAIL!!!!”
some of his cult folks were handing out literature between the EL stop and UIC a day ago. so weird, cause i was thinkin of goin over to them and giving them shit. but my better nature won out.

the best news on howie dean’s position on israel. perhaps its evolving. lieberman claims its an unsettling viewpoint, but i say its only rational. it has been one of my points of disagreement with dean, that he totes the line on israel with everyone else, both sides, down the line. there aint much there, but that the writer checked with the dean camp, and they didnt deny a different view, is good in my opinion.
Jeremy Ben-Ami, Dean’s policy director, said Dean believes “when you try to negotiate peace, you have to negotiate with both sides, you have to recognize legitimate claims on both sides.”
and just a little more for those confused folks out there…
The United States so far has not found any weapons of mass destruction and it has yet to prove a link between deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida, accused of masterminding the Sept. 11 attacks.

to revitalize the rust belt as a base of alternative energy manufacturing, and its linkin the environmentalists and labor unions. dean, get on it.