Month: September 2001

right, and so maybe those investors might switch over to train-travel along with the riders

two thoughts. one i very much dislike and the other is a goodresponse. some things take so long to sink into my skull, like how the peace corps are not just people from our country going to other countries to help in times of peace in this country as opposed to soldiers in war, but that the main idea behind the name is that these people believe in peace and so attempt to help prevent war by laying the foundations of peace like better living standards and justice. JFK started that. ive heard good and bad about that man, from both sides of the spectrum. some say he wanted Vietnam, some say he was gonna pull everything out and thats why he was killed. but as im piecing things together, it seems the real dedication in vietnam came with the Tonkin Gulf resolution. That was done after his death. It was the granting to the president all powers of war that he could dream of. What Bush just got with only the one dissenting voice of Barbara Lee. The Romans had a system like ours, a republic. I seem to remember theirs turned into a dictatorship in times of war, when they thought they would need it. It fell because of that. If we dont hear more dissent soon, im worried our student of history president who actually incredulously used the word ‘crusade’ to describe our plan, may do as the old saying warns against. Did he study hard or play hard? i must say, so far, it is only some of his words that have scared me. I think Powell’s diplomacy is being given a go. so far no bite for the bark.

as calls for the dogs of war feed upon our pain, and american flags sprout from every porch and pickup, i will simply ask that we think before we act. what do we want and how best can we get it? if we determine that he was involved, here is the best idea ive heard so far.

we think we’ve got a city apartment, pretty much at iowa and western. we are just waiting for the credit apps to go thru. im probably gonna sell alot of stuff due to this new lack of space, like a weight bench and a mongo tv and maybe a queen-size bedroom set and even my computer. its life changin, thats all. then to enroll at UIC but still work out here in elmhurst. so if you wanna buy anything, email me now. gotta work out the oswald email address sometime soon too. this weekend got me up early both days. first for radicalism at a union hall, meeting with direct action network chicago. sunday was for breakfast for my mom. at the meeting, i was made well aware of the infighting of the different lefty groups. also, almost everyone seemed to consider themselves anti-capitalist. my view is that capitalism just needs a strong dose of socialism in the forms of steeply progressive taxation and public services like health care and education. their insistence on separation and definition troubled me. isnt anything progressive good? too many didnt think so. do we cooperate or confront groups like the IMF and WB? shouldnt it be both?! probably just pick the group you feel closest too but support all that support the same agendas and issues. still a green so far.

i just wish orange juice made its way to my house like water