Month: September 2002

iraq? let israel do it. let them earn the support weve given them. and if those teeming, restless islamists rise up and overthrow the governments in the region, so be it. i say they might just get a more representative govt, maybe even somewhat democratic. couldnt be worse than dictatorships. maybe oil prices go up. you are missing the point here, like those same people who say that oil is what this is all about. fools. these are troubled times. we need all the help we can get. least this way, it aint our boys and girls who die. but do they have the balls? or might they be just like our leaders. i mean really, if its really us and england and israel against the world, they should at least take care of their respective parts of it. fuck givin them money for nuthin. if these countries are our friends, they need to act like it. bitches, we in a war on terror. backs against the wall. why do they hate us? we are in so much trouble, we dont even know the basics about our enemies. least israel could do is take care of some of the other stuff while we try to find bin laden and his fucks. why is this not makin sense? can you run it past the rabbi?