Month: July 2003

met and got billy corgan’s autograph tonight! good times. not sure who im for in the senate. maybe obama. i bowl to the right.

nancy skinner for us senate from illinois in 2004!

so i tried to post something about the current CIA/Bush deal, but i lost it in blogger. ive got time for that, its an iceberg. the dean movement. it makes me happy. gives me hope. since i was in the city saturday morning, i decided to try to flyer the old town school of folk music folk & roots festival. it went over so damn well. lots of folks already knew and loved him and many others hadnt heard but were very interested. im getting the hang of this, even if this fest was probably the most inclined to accept. today, the prep LSAT diag test was pretty bad, but i really just need to speed the fuck up. and friday and saturday nights were good. hung with city folk friday at a bar, sushi place, and saw the new pirate movie. saturday night was good and laid back with pizza and another movie. no complaints, cept reading to do.

we looked at an experiment on news broadcasts for the last week in my political science class. in the article, it explained how prior experiments had shown that people’s opinions are generally not directly swayed by the news. but in this experiment, it was shown that the news does have an effect on what issues people find important. in the vast abyss of possible political issues and discourse, news organizations work as a flashlight that finds and highlights certain issues for us. much like what zinn said about history, the bias is in what is chosen to be taught (or shown) out of the infinite possibilities. the experiment also showed that the more politically informed people are, the less the news affected them. i think thats why its important to try to get your news from many different locations. dont get it all from limbaugh or greenpeace. and either fox news is ignorant, shady, or they need to change the slogan: ‘we report, you decide’. and it was nice to have a little politics thrown into the rock music last night, by the middle band called ‘boy sets fire’. they said question your govt, its our right, and got a lot of boos. i went for my buddy j’s bday, and he mentioned there is a lot of metal support for bush, and that might explain it. ugh.

its the saturday after a good independence day. the day before i hit the taste of chicago and ate well and watched the fireworks over the lake, before comin out to the burbs to hang at a friends place. yesterday, i went to the brookfield picnic thing and saw my brother dean and his family. dean competed in a fireman event that involves 2 teams, one on each side, each firing water from hoses at a suspended barrel, trying to push it along the suspension line. it was a tourney, and dean’s team almost won it all. then i went to a bbq at laura’s fam’s house and then to a friend’s place. ended the night with lisle fireworks, like almost every 4th of july at saul’s grandmother’s. good times. at 2 today there is a ‘cook the bush’-out howard dean fundraiser bbq in the logan square area. oh, and on wed was a meetup and we wrote letters to iowans. worked out much better than i expected. here (im in the fourth picture) we wrote stuff like this. been a good week.

forgive me, but i am just more and more impressed by thismovement everyday. mr bush, you have made a grave mistake. your unprovoked attacks, in war and domestically, have awakened a giant. like the japanese and pearl harbor, but im not speaking of iraq. this giant is the american people. grassroots.