Month: September 2004

i skipped the boat cruise with cegelis tonight. i tried calling, and there was no answer. so not knowing whether i could go or not, i chose not to pass up seeing chuck p (writer of fight club) at the library. he told a sick story, but was also amazing and deep. on the way, some folks were handing out lit making the argument that nader was being illegally kept off the ballot in IL. while i dont support nader’s efforts in a perhaps-close IL presidential race, i do support his right to legal access. as DFI, we need to create a positive movement. we need to support nader’s right, while at the same time, making the forceful argument that voting for nader is not the right choice in IL in this election. actions like this will make the Democrats trustworthy as a progressive party again.

ive been yammerin about a more meaningful internet with some of my friends recently. it basically involves xml and the net as a database. partly what i hope google is moving towards with gmail. create your digital self, and well do something about it, im sure. along a related note, here is more info about the future of wireless internet.

nader is impressive yet again. this time, he makes an argument for a conservative revolt from the corporate republicanism embodied by dubya. my roommate said it. nader’s problem is that he is simply a bad politician.

I am waiting for Kerry to say the obvious: “Why didnt Bush go to Vietnam? Bush has said that he supported the war at the time. Why didnt he take the opportunity to go over there and fight for our country. We know he could have. Why didnt he put his body in harm’s way instead of letting some other man get drafted into it? Whatever you think of my service or his service during those years, that question remains. Why didnt Bush go to Vietnam and help his country fight a war that he believed in? Why not?”

this piece brought me back. i speak ill of this man way too much. he has greatness within, yet does too good a job at hiding it so often. and a very nice piece about VOIP. its nice to think about, but the bigger issue is really that first/last mile and the spectrum.