Month: January 2002

is this true? someone please help… its at least interestin to think about

i just like every one of the articles in the current issue. enjoyed the cure drivin home tonight, will again tomorrow. civicnet could be cool. waste of money that should go to schools? yeah…but the project could do some good. i imagine in my idealist world, a huge public works and technical education thing where we lay fiber everywhere that phone or cable runs now. like AT&T is kinda doin now, one line to everybody that would give you all communication needs and wants. phone and internet and cable and so much xtra bandwidth for people to just come up with new ideas. who does it? newly trained city employees. lotsa new jobs. do they all go to waste when its over? nope, system stays public use. lines are public, services private. of course many ameritech employees become city workers, if they want. union workers. dot com redux maybe cause i think it failed due to lack of broadband infrastructure. of course mandatory would be to get the lines to everybody, not just the high property valued areas. cost of use to consumer, not too bad cause the competing service companies like AT&T and AOL and Ameritech are now actually competing on even ground and there is even room for the smaller competitor, and the service costs for them are dramatically dropped. city could even charge them if they want access. ill admit the taxes would go up, but of course id hope eventually theyd come back down if this all helped the city economy drag in new business and even possibly lowered the cost of police if crime went down due to less unemployment. my two euro. and iran.