Month: November 2001

so just saw harry potter, would of enjoyed it more if id read it first i think, anyway, and so drove home listenin to less than jake. and went in my mind from harry to the last movie before that, spy game, and how they touched on a trade meeting with china, and just mentioned that we wanted it to go well more than they did, and somebody in the movie questioned that i think, or maybe just me. then i connected that with some article i read, about china’s economy takin off, they dont need us to sell to, theyd like to, but they got the rest of southeast asia and just about everywhere else. we need them, or so we say, as places to move production, to get cheap production cause the government is repressive, call it more efficient if you feel thats ok. and that connected to the poor neighborhoods i then realized i was in, places that use to make stuff and house families, turned into people on the streets at all hours. hearin dopeman. wonderin if we can make the connection. all the jobs we thought were comin seemed to disappear with the bust, not to mention they werent goin to those who were losin them anyway.

yes, its a bit strange and overly exhibitionistic of me to have the cam on so much, but still, im not the one with a picture of my friend’s hairy crack on my own webpage staring me and all my visitors in the face everyday. and hey, at least its better than old bill…

im weak, but still holding on. are the citizens always responsible for their government? are they never? are they only in a republic or democracy? if so, isnt there something to be said for their lack of struggle against it? hit the people, oh no, wait, they dont have any say, hit the media and the govt itself.

i received an email yesterday, an article from the new york times. the phony war. Gdubya is so smart. he cried at the inaugural and called it a war soon as he heard bout the planes in the classroom. oh golly, this just might be as great as WWII? the new greatest generation. *bobber on the throbber* bullshite. rally round the flag boys and girls. while most of the country is followin that plan, and others like me are simply sayin slow down and what did you expect, least one camper out there is workin on the enemy’s head. why now, why this way? they got somethin… thanx ethan*

from the beginning, we’ve heard this anthrax came from iraq. then a little blurb that didnt get repeated, that it most likely came from a US lab. putting it all together. and Haq. go ahead and put your life on the line, but we dont really care what you have to say.