Month: January 2001

here is an interesting article, says something about America, good and bad i guess. depending of course… and if you think all life is more important than money, even after its out of the womb, please think about signing here. unconvinced, read some of the articles. oneof those linked to, despite the title, is really a relatively even handed account of the world oil market, why it is as it is. keep prices in the middle, and they all make money. cept for the polar bears

and so i took a shower this morning, turned off the webcam while i put some clothes on, and forgot to turn it back on before i left…

she is just a woman and a doctor and the assistant-director for an international organization. she also works in a poor country it seems. only read it if you think her opinion might mean something. but ill understand if you dismiss her thoughts as complaining about losing the funding to kill more babies. that makes perfect sense

“Maybe Ralph Nader should be glamorous for having saved hundreds of thousands of lives and getting paid nothing for it. Maybe the doctor who just died in Uganda, trying to treat people with the Ebola virus, should be glamorous. They gave him about two lines in the New York Times.” its from an interview with Lloyd Kaufman who runs Troma studios. pretty smart, even if they do use nonunion labor and make strange ass movies.

whadda badass mother he is, and he aint goin away. i thought of something today, why cant a liberal politician play the conservative’s game of tax cuts? what i mean is, people go ga-ga (especially the right ones) when they hear the magic words “tax cuts”. so why couldn’t a liberal draft up a plan that cuts taxes on all those but the highest bracket that also increases taxes on large businesses and those in the highest income bracket, while also closing corporate loopholes? then go around during the election cycle talking about it. it would thwart the bullshit tax cut plans conservatives bring out every year or so as being simple rhetoric. if explained simply and correctly, the popular support would be amazing. couldnt be defeated even by soft money whores. guess the danger would be class warfare. couldnt this capitalistic prison colony use a little?
damn that felt good!

‘relationship of command’ is much better on the second round. glad to report mccain is keeping to his troublemaking activities. ive been talkin all politics and nothing really personal, but to say that i skied. i don’t think anything really deep has surfaced recently. maybe cause i havent gotten lost in music recently, or when i do, it goes political. i thought to write “how do i feel about laura” but that doesnt define deep for me as much as the realization that i dont feel im fulfilling myself, im not on a path that i feel is truly meaningful. this is what eats at me, its my pain. as i hide from that, other things in life feel more empty. only with ATDI blaring did i get down to writing this. my dad wants me back in school. i should ask him why. public service announcement.

no new taxes, im really a moderate…bullshit! i just hope people remember

new guy, same shit? new link tho

so im in utah today, actually park city, near salt lake. went skiing the last three days, takin today off to go see traffic and other stuff, ski more the next two days. looks like blogger might be workin again, they got a new server already. illegal immigrant, living in your house, and paid under the table for housework. seems the definition to me