Month: August 2001

marc, im handing this one over to you, partly cause i wanna see some updates and plainly cause i got nuttin. i feel its a good way to bridge the pages cause its kinda bout politics but is all about ridicule. my buddy saul, somewhat soon to be roomie saul, and i are of course lookin for apts in the city. in the ukrainian village area we’re hopin. the house experiment is over. results being less than satisfactory.

“good enuf for government work!” my uncle used to say that alot. i love the idea of reverse-classification in order to silence the freedom of speech. quote them, classify it, and then have them read it.

its late and im still at work, the monthly save thingy. hopefully im gonna make it into the rally tomorrow, the ticket situation is kinda weird. im gonna write even more directly than i usually do cause ive felt that recently i havent done so, thought too much about it. food is important. drink too. im kickin caffeine, and in the process it has kicked the shit out of me. bad headaches, but im past that now. my stomach is still funny. i eat fast food almost everyday for most meals. this is not good, but it fits my schedule. they get ya, cause its easy. my body does not like me, not hate, more like sad and reserved and even seldomly angered. its all part of the plan, from caffeine to less carbonated sugar water to healthy eatin (like the grand canyon, i explained to laura the thought thing). i dont understand it though, how to even procede i think. seems like too much effort, too little reward. more fruits and vegies but id rather buy them from a market and then they go to waste, same with bread. we pay way too little for food, jumped at me after reading schumacher. it should be a larger part of our budgets, we should desire more quality and accept/welcome the cost. two movements,slow food and farm aid part of the same anti-globalization push. economics are ignorant to so much human nature and culture. the poverty line is decided by the cost of food, something like drawn at 3 times that. makes sense, back in the day, people spent close to a third of their income on food. ying-yang. but now we spend far less, so we can spend far more on other things that dance on the screens. farm aid is on my birthday this year, maybe ill to stop by on the way to d.c. solidarity. goin home. couldnt flow too well, no rhythm.