Month: December 2002

my girl made pajamas and i watched gwh with some other friends in the city. damn that movie, constantly jostlin with fight club in my head. you know shes goin to san francisco, maybe thats why i make the connection between the two, among other reasons. what to do tomorrow night, i still dont know. but it sounds like a very cool party near california and armitage. the live rock music and a dj. dance dance and then some more. maybe suburbs first.

just a bunch of links you should check out. maybe ill make a paragraph out of it eventually. taxes, southern politics, and organics. i saw the new LOTR movie at midnight yesterday. enjoyed it very much, guessin even better on the second screening. missed dentist appointment, but lucky enuf to make it up tomorrow mornin. san fran this weekend, woohoo. countings crows and toad twice and alcatraz and even other stuff too. need to make the site more hip.

from trains to the postal service, damn government is just not making a profit. lets get rid of the military. they are planning to be more than 300 billion in the hole this year alone.
violence is no society’s standard

seems i post nothing of interest but these little links