Month: September 1999

bradley and mccain should run together. i guess id like it if bradley was president and mccain vp, but either would be fine with me. they could passionately discuss and debate the issues together publicly, so that the US public could understand issues and get more involved. people could learn more about why each party holds the views they do. it could be the true “campaign finance reform” party. actually if one of them is able to capture their party’s nomination, they should just choose the other as vp. it would be a shoe-in with major support from one party and some from the other. today is my birthday, and that means i flipped a car 3 years ago. im getting tired waiting for the information super highway. electricity and data/phone/multimedia fiberoptic lines should be public or controlled by a company that consumers do not pay. either they are public and we pay through taxes or the company is paid by those that consumers pay for the services, like the companies that make the power or the ISP/phone/cable company (that would all become access providers). we need reliable networks yet competitive services. guess IP telephony must come first………laura????

just changed the picture on the top, i miss her badly already. she is gonna be in Europe for almost 3 months. at least i got to talk to her today, timezones make communication annoying and complicated. old bill must be dead, cause i dont care that i feel that i need her. this sucks.

hey, my computer is working. now im running 98 and the date means it should have crashed. anyway, long time since last entry and i just want to say a couple of things. the house is really coming along as a number of rooms are painted and im gonna look into carpeting soon. place is gonna rock. thinking about the music industry, and how artists make little off of their own CD’s. MP3’s should be freely distributed so more artists get heard. artists would tour more to get money, and tour in festivals if they couldnt do it on their own. to get the booklet and full CD or DVDA, as may come about, you could go to their web site or or something like that. artists would need companies able to produce the media, but otherwise less conglomerates would control the industry. the radio would be less repeats as no big company would push images or certain sounds. maybe it would all stop sounding alike. more new stuff and more efforts by artists to put out quality product. kinda a return to innocence. ill talk more about this utopia later.