Month: March 2000

blogger is having tech difficulties huh, hope this posts…leaving tomorrow for a week. need to shave and other jazz.
!wake up! morrison would scream it out of nowhere, this was the beauty that he was ive gotta get back to that, ive felt asleep for so long, sometimes i blame it on my girlfriend, but is me and my acceptance of the situations that life gives you. the winter is the worst, im dreaming of a summer night spent walking downtown chicago and the beach in the morning. two perfect times at the equinox, at the MCA, leaning on the stage at the metro waiting and then watching, best of friends around, laying in the grass till its time to go in. then a wander through the galleries and downtown chicago, a little diner so busy, back to the museum to fall asleep watching a twisted film, and the long trek back to joe’s as the sun came up and beat down. along the beach and the streets. two into one, waiting for number three

doobie doobie do…meant to write this last night, heard Bush pronounce the ‘s’ in Illinois, annoying. gotta get my life together, probably transfer to another cc, Moraine Valley soon, do the address thing and all. hopefully ill score well on the math test tomorrow gotta study tonight, could be done with math kinda forever, or i could just drop it and take programming classes and forget about a degree, sounds like a good idea now, but i need to really talk to someone. oh yeah, stan is back and so work is much better. couldnt get pumpkins tickets cause ticketmaster sucks and so the credit card system at dominicks crashed, they only pay them $.50 a ticket and provide no help, bastards! i think NIN and perfect circle(maynard’s new band) tickets go on sale this saturday, and i leave too, woohoo!

havent kept up like i should, but here is a greatarticle on copyrights of ideas in this net world. i may say more of why i havent written as i said i would later, has to do with things coming out like they should but for now they cant. someone else knows. enough already. i did redesign the opening page for, but i still have more work to do. missed math today cause i worked till 2 am. missed a test, so now it all depends on the final…shit!

ok, so the blog thing is doing what i want for the time being, better call my girl
hi, writing for the first time for real from work. what to say…im bored and glad that hectic work is over. stan comes back very soon, tuesday. yeah, and i leave for HFH work that next saturday. that should rock. is it wrong to go to a bar on company time? even if i dont drink? sxsw seems like somewhere i should be.

very sore, just worked out and its been a long time since i last did. it just might be over for mccain, sad day in american politics. said it before i think, campaign finance reform is the most important issue. nothing meaningful will be passed into law until we have it. check granny, she knows…and so did our pres lincoln. thus i must support ralph nader and his green party. liberal and concerned with campaign shit. go dude! and to all those who claim CFR will prohibit free speech, im sorry, but you people do not understand the nature of the internet. anyone can write whatever they want about a candidate. speech has been free for a while now, but until there is any real change, it will simply take more and more cash to get heard. strange how CFR opponents tend to be republicans who are whores to the NRA and HMO’s and tobacco industry. Bush is right, CFR will hurt the republican party. genius. and so the man with more money than god (j/k, the vatican still has him beat) crushes the guy fighting for the people’s rights. yeah, its my problem with gore now too. but like granny, i think enough of us do care, and it will change. the only question is how long it will take.

yep, yep, doin it! ani’s new album is really good, much better on the second go. an amazing song, “the arrivals gate”. its gonna replace the counting crows, so listen i say. i want to take my new digicam to the airport for this reason, but people might not like that. when i saw laura come home… best of luck mccain, think you need it.

exactly a month later, pathetic. looking into using blogger, i love so many other sites that use it. weblogs, so neat. how long can someone really go to a community college? 10 years? im working on that. should finish math this quarter, but physics looks bad. hope i can get into the next one, and somehow make-up this one. but what the hell do i want to do with my life? something in computers, but i wish it could involve helping people and art. i really want to master this webpage stuff much more. programming? maybe it wont bore me to death like im scared of, and maybe ill be good at it. and who needs a degree anyway? work has killed me, no stan means im the man and enough already…2am in 2 minutes. everyday from now on, i swear to god, ha