very sore, just worked out and its been a long time since i last did. it just might be over for mccain, sad day in american politics. said it before i think, campaign finance reform is the most important issue. nothing meaningful will be passed into law until we have it. check granny, she knows…and so did our pres lincoln. thus i must support ralph nader and his green party. liberal and concerned with campaign shit. go dude! and to all those who claim CFR will prohibit free speech, im sorry, but you people do not understand the nature of the internet. anyone can write whatever they want about a candidate. speech has been free for a while now, but until there is any real change, it will simply take more and more cash to get heard. strange how CFR opponents tend to be republicans who are whores to the NRA and HMO’s and tobacco industry. Bush is right, CFR will hurt the republican party. genius. and so the man with more money than god (j/k, the vatican still has him beat) crushes the guy fighting for the people’s rights. yeah, its my problem with gore now too. but like granny, i think enough of us do care, and it will change. the only question is how long it will take.

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