Month: November 2000

so read what it says in the front of the booklet for the aeroplane singles collection, billy and james just say it together. to all, and i mean all, of course me, dont give in

he makes much sense to me, i said it before in this blog. what would i do to see the last metro show? hmm…possibly anything

greens just realize that what you do affects other people, simple as that. i think ron does too now. america’s environmental policy refuses to acknowledge the fact, or at least take responsibility. a point well-made by paryl.

new domain same old me and design but soon enuf one of those will change. i write tonight cause i havent in a while, and blogger is supposed to work better now, so ill try. gore got new life tonight, recounts count and fucked up ballots might too. wish i didnt care, wish i could finally get over it and accept that the two parties are one, but i cant, i dont, i want gore more than the bush bastard. i faxed the president to release peltier. he doesnt do email. you know what i think about the new radiohead, i think its good, but i really think its a game they are playing with us, the public at large. they dont want us to like them. lyrically. thom laughs at us, disgusted and apathetic. where are beth and sara already?

so today is the day…our next president will be decided. ive little to say other than i hope it is nader but that i still feel gore would be better than bush. saturday night i got to see ‘at the drive-in’. great band, good show. not feeling too inspirational. i think ive been sick over this presidential business. mike told me to write. night.