Month: March 2001

i have a strange feeling/taste in the back of my head. like dizzy near puke thing. uggh. not goin away. the israeli government will not accept terrorism of its people in any form, meaning they will attack everyone possibly remotely associated with those they suspect are responsible. and they wont discuss peace till they are the only ones killing anyone, by direct means or not so. and we vetoed a UN resolution to endorse putting an observing-only force in the area to protect the palestinians. ask questions later

it has been awhile. and it doesnt appear that ill be able to post again till maybe thursday. my home computer died, but i think it was just the power supply and not too bad to fix. tomorrow and wednesday, ive got a class on windows registry. the bad part is it starts at 8am, ends at 5pm, and then i get to go to work. if i can wake that early. so of course the pics on the top wont change for a while. im gonna miss dismemberment down at U of I, grrr, this weekend. and it also looks like making it to quebec city april 20-22 to protest the extension of NAFTA into FTAA wont happen, its fuckin 18 hours away, i was thinkin like 8 would be ok. but if you read this, and are really interested in getting beat up by cops and breathing tear gas to stop the inhumanity to man, say hello. i just cant find anyone who is interested in it enough, but i do need to ask more people. think ive got 4 days left to take off, and the drive means id prolly need to use ’em.

mike remarked maybe two weekends ago that it was a fundamental part of the US system that administrations simply do not repeal the changes made by the one prior. yet im not surprised Gdubya fails to understand that. ive been lookin into economic theory recently, and i guess i consider myself a keynesian. free markets are not fool-proof and it seems a little nuts how people treat greenspan.

it was monday that i decided to skip bowling for political discussion with Darren and Jeremy. during this, Darren remarked that our economy is built upon public opinion, and that we should attempt to infuse a positive outlook in order to produce a positive effect. today, friday, ive discovered an article that speaks on Gdubya’s generaldecision to speak ill in order to push the tax cut thru. my view is that we need to put some money back in the hands of the lower and middle brackets thru income and payroll tax breaks that take effect as soon as possible, besides spending in public works infrastructure and technology programs to provide for sustainable long-term future growth. is there any way to get business to think that way, about the long-term continual growth instead of the immediate cash-in? that would seem to be better for workers and the world as a whole. an indirectly socialist command economy that naturally occurs by mass understanding by capitalists of the increased value of sustained incremental profitability…

if i say it a million times, dont think it will be enough. while i cannot say i agree with all or even most of his opinions, he is an intriguiging fellow. a conservative thinking about issues more, understanding liberal policies and challenging the system. he is more trouble for republicans and bush than the entire crumbling democratic party. also interesting to understand how reagan changed the party, and how older republicans relate to mccain, at least fiscally, more than they do to most republicans
continual struggle between the best possible equally available health care and profit.
here and here. more details and argument over AIDS in africa

would you venture a guess that children who grow up in poverty and broken families might have a higher propensity for criminal behavior? there was a study, and i would venture to say you wont like the results…
paranoid, no?

the iran-contra affair is coming to light again due to recent plannedappointments by junior. and the butterfly-ballot shows up again. its like that question of if you were to change history by affecting one butterfly, the chain-reaction change in the progression of history would be huge. except its just history repeating because of the butterfly effect. not to say horrible things arent gonna happen, just that similar shit was pretty much directed by the same guys before. side note: money should matter less, and maybe after about 2 weeks it will.

isnt the whole capitalist system supposed to be built upon the survival-of-the-fittest mentality? thats really just another lie they tell in school. it really only applies to the consumer and worker, not the corporations and management. the excuse is always a need to protect the economy, as in bush’s two recent moves to eliminate worker’s protections and to prevent an imminent strike. take a gander at what is happening to Japan’s economy cause of its corporate protection schemes. we need a complete ‘general strike’ till we get a worker/consumer based economic/political system.
Bush made the case for tax cuts in South Dakota by taking a populist tack, telling the Sioux Falls rally that a single mother with two children and an income of $20,000 now faces a higher marginal income tax rate than wealthy people do. “She pays more on the margin than Wall Street bankers do – and that’s not right,” Bush declared.
you’re damn right that’s not right, but i think your solution fixes only half of the problem and only increases the other half.

some conservatives can even make sense when they write from the heart and not the wallet, and a sad truth of american politics
did my democratic blue-dog representative vote for it? and if so, how soon can i try to replace him? guess me and clint kinda figured thislast night…but the statistics still shock