isnt the whole capitalist system supposed to be built upon the survival-of-the-fittest mentality? thats really just another lie they tell in school. it really only applies to the consumer and worker, not the corporations and management. the excuse is always a need to protect the economy, as in bush’s two recent moves to eliminate worker’s protections and to prevent an imminent strike. take a gander at what is happening to Japan’s economy cause of its corporate protection schemes. we need a complete ‘general strike’ till we get a worker/consumer based economic/political system.
Bush made the case for tax cuts in South Dakota by taking a populist tack, telling the Sioux Falls rally that a single mother with two children and an income of $20,000 now faces a higher marginal income tax rate than wealthy people do. “She pays more on the margin than Wall Street bankers do – and that’s not right,” Bush declared.
you’re damn right that’s not right, but i think your solution fixes only half of the problem and only increases the other half.

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