Month: December 2000

a single optical system with a way to check that your vote counts?why not? im glad there is no more straight ticket, unless there would also be a green one. still the reason it was removed aint right

give me a union fatcat over the business type anyday

she is my charlie, if you’ve seen high fidelity. like out of thin air, of a different world, as if it hadnt been done before. i wanna be rage’s new frontman. but i cant sing. president-Select bush.

the media did a good job of making us think there was a big difference between the two, getting us to pay attention, telling us it was the closest and most contested election ever, but it wasnt. the media is biased toward profit, nothing else. they only wanted us to pay attention, get the advertising dollars flowing. so they were willing to lie. not till now do we hear about the election that dragged on until february. this was news they could cover endlessly, news they could be unbiased about, cause they bought both guys. shit they could cover instead of the palestinians treatment by israelis, or fox trying to do something for mexico, or any of the consumer concerns like firestone and health care. i saw ‘proof of life’ tonight, and i dont recommend it. the story is supported by a rebellion against an oil pipeline, but we don’t ever really hear their side of the story. close but nothing but a cigar.

is the time of revolution afoot? is the will of the people being denied? hell of a time to be deciding if i wanna devote my life to politics…
when will the riots start?
maybe its not as bad as i first thought, and maybe its cause they aren’t that different, and maybe thats why it was so close, and maybe thats why i still feel good about how i voted, and maybe its cause we really understand that that there will not be violence. hey roomies, now i understand.
“First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.” -Gandhi

not too long, but a good summary of the whole situation. and the quote is really good. here, look, im updating, kinda…

just a great article on the state of the computer industry, something im sure nader has alluded to. microsoft is not the only one to blame, just one of the most visible examples. on the other side of the coin, the AS/400 by IBM. trust it, it works

i started to read a weblog, cause it was recently updated, and i found a sleater-kinney interview, interested but really never heard, and i find a billy interview, just after machina was released. read it if you dont have a ticket for tomorrow’s show, and you may be surprised what you realize. said it all along, and we shall see. im planning on waiting out in the cold anyway, meant to be stuff. do people understand me at all? the damn stream thing i do when i communicate. anyway, to you again man, i do like to hold cd’s and the art. could i be more on? its all so close, art or imitation. i think people can tell intrinsically. from you, or from the forces around? to envelop the power, realize that artist expressed something to allow you to feel it. pearl jam to zeppelin to muddy waters to some guy before him to the guy before him and on and on and on, to the collective that you felt and loved
diverting from the pumpkins stint…and back to politics! ive heard too much about how stupid gore voters are. (aka: confused by the butterfly-ballot and not smart enough to punch all the way down) they just dont get as much free help…there are two counties in florida, martin and seminole, where absentee ballots would have been thrown out and not counted if it were not for the republican office attendants that corrected mistakes. in martin alone, bush would have lost about 2800 votes. lawsuits are pending. far from over