the media did a good job of making us think there was a big difference between the two, getting us to pay attention, telling us it was the closest and most contested election ever, but it wasnt. the media is biased toward profit, nothing else. they only wanted us to pay attention, get the advertising dollars flowing. so they were willing to lie. not till now do we hear about the election that dragged on until february. this was news they could cover endlessly, news they could be unbiased about, cause they bought both guys. shit they could cover instead of the palestinians treatment by israelis, or fox trying to do something for mexico, or any of the consumer concerns like firestone and health care. i saw ‘proof of life’ tonight, and i dont recommend it. the story is supported by a rebellion against an oil pipeline, but we don’t ever really hear their side of the story. close but nothing but a cigar.

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