Month: June 2000

im sick, runny nose and sore throat. i need to see a doctor, find out if i got allergies too. write bill write i want to open a comic and cd store in brookfield, right by the tracks on the corner thatll have a clock above it. im imagining getting to listen to music, talk to people about it, all while hanging with friends who might work there or just come by. do web stuff there too. what do i need to account for?
setup and tax and paperwork
renting the building and utilities
paying employees
that means a business plan of somekind, what to charge, what else to sell, and a good gimmick. how the hell can i sell cds when people can get the music free? maybe a random music cd with each purchase. at a train stop, newspapers definitely. see, i think comics would work that way too. internet cafe? trains are late sometimes. need to think more about this.

we are learning javascript today, css was yesterday. improvements are on their way. id like to recommend paypal but i need to use it first. thats what i didnt do with jabber.

hey, just wanted to post a link to this

ok, ive gotta try out jabber. it is an open source IM client that works with AIM and ICQ supposedly. hmm…just what ive been thinking about

ted danson has begun to rock, and of course saturn and the sixfooter always did. to the left <–

so im in a web design class, starts 8:30 monday thru thursday, better than the 8 i thought but that means getting to work later. really basic internet essentials, history and basics so far. not much new yet, but looks somewhat promising. i might stay awake, but itll be tough

something really strange is going on with the pumpkins. it is not going to be a typical break-up i must believe. i think they will be back in another form. there is too much shit everywhere, on their site, in the album lyrics and cover art, in the press conference and just timing in general. “I used to be a little boy, So old in my shoes” always made me think of the time i was wearing shoes too small when i was too small, and i said that every life has some pain in it. i didnt immediately like the pumpkins, they were ok and i wasnt interested in buying an album. that is until i saw them open the first of three shows on the MCIS tour at the then rosement horizon near chicago, which i only went to because a friend had to cancel. it kicked ass. rock the type of zeppelin and the doors brought together. i love how corgan can talk and scream and think to the music, and of course how the band is there to back his ass up. we waited outside to see a glimpse of them as they left, and kinda saw d’arcy. we went to summerfest in milwaukee early to get free tickets to their show, and they played almost exclusively the new album at the time, adore, completely underrated. the cheeseheads around us sucked, wanted to hear everything they had ever heard again through a drunken haze, got really annoyed at my trancing. the end was awesome, RADIOish. then at the world music theater, pretty much the same show, but i believe the ending was different. strange coincidence that the same friend of mine who had to give up his ticket the first time i saw them didnt like the show and left early. i used to think he was a fan of them. so i saw them again at the aragon, got pretty close, but the fans were a problem. it was too scattered, i couldnt rock like i used to. and then i listened to the next night’s show on XRT, luckily my bro told me about it. his dad was there. billy? thats my name too. id like to talk to you. so here is how ill do it. everyone else, you can read it too if you want i guess. billy? i wanna talk to you about the rock. maybe its that the middle-ground is fading away. pop and asshole rock have dragged the culture in separate directions. even XRT is getting more commercial. but there is still good stuff around, real rock, you guys, pearl jam, red hot chili peppers. and there is so much indie and punk stuff out there that people like me are turning to to find some salvation. i wonder if the day of the megaband is ending. while it seems to get more commercial, maybe thats like their last breath tortured into a scream. i think technology is bringing it back to the people, and maybe its just that you realize that. and like jesus, you are testing us, wondering if we all really care about the rock and its trancendant power. and you will die in your current incarnation to be born again. a different form, one for a generation of MP3’s and all that that entails. where people decide what music they like. where the artist must be one again. did you talk to prince?