im sick, runny nose and sore throat. i need to see a doctor, find out if i got allergies too. write bill write i want to open a comic and cd store in brookfield, right by the tracks on the corner thatll have a clock above it. im imagining getting to listen to music, talk to people about it, all while hanging with friends who might work there or just come by. do web stuff there too. what do i need to account for?
setup and tax and paperwork
renting the building and utilities
paying employees
that means a business plan of somekind, what to charge, what else to sell, and a good gimmick. how the hell can i sell cds when people can get the music free? maybe a random music cd with each purchase. at a train stop, newspapers definitely. see, i think comics would work that way too. internet cafe? trains are late sometimes. need to think more about this.

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