Month: February 2002

a headache today, ugh. i wanted to go to the double door show tonight, might still, but its not all solid up there right now. energy debate comin up. touched on it with a right-winger at work last week, how the cost of our military needs to be factored into the cost of the oil. first he said there is so much oil in the world, just let the market forces decide. well get off it as soon as its not economically viable. i brought up the military cost. he jumped subject. but i think i was wrong. protectin the oil is kinda an excuse. the large military is really just market subsidy. a jobs program, not just for those who serve, but mainly for those who make the high-tech and not-so weapons of war. R&D so that weve got the best, and also so that other countries continue to pay US companies for them. part of why we support, essentially, the idea of israel. besides the annual $300 billion plus injection into US companies year after year. jumpin back. why drill in ANWR? environmentalists are not just tryin to be mean. they are not tryin to take the land away from commercial interests, that was already done. it was decided years ago that the american people felt it was part of our natural history that we want to preserve. its the opposite folks. commercial interests, via certain formerly talkative but now closed lip federal officials, want to personally profit off public land. take the environmental value out of the equation. ask em, when they make money off the land, if theyll take just the labor costs, and give the rest to the american people? or are they willin to pay the govt a fair market price? you can fuck the environment, and ill bet you they still dont find a true assessment economically viable.

the only love i know is a universal one, a valentines day post. balls!christian. if thats what you mean, i only wish i could call myself one. think gdubya would give these folks cash based on the whole faith-based plan hes still cookin. nonviolent direct action. doesnt have to be religious, just seemed easier and worked that way in the past mostly. NVDAN. nonviolence needs to be stessed better, or we need to separate from the groups that dont feel thats a priority, like the chicago dan. gandhi and mlk. the trouble is really gettin folks willin to lay it out for a cause. a charismatic leader helps, a life or death issue does too. dont know if i could get folks onto soldier field and in front of the machinery. we really need more people willing to do it in the fair trade movement. am i willing, the beatings and arrests? i wasnt while in quebec. i think back to the police truck up there, and the cop hangin out the vehicle and yellin and threatenin. of course we should of all slowly approached the truck with hands up, surrounded it and laid down. cover the street. shoulda woulda coulda

its about time, eh? eh. the superbowl. ugh! seemed like it might come to blows like those folks behind bars. but i shut up more than i wanted, and its been festerin these last couple. not just that, but gimony, religion is one’s perogative. dont force it on no one, but dont attack somebody for it either. maybe its an impossibly delicate balance. i hate havin to say, but it may be the only way i stop thinkin about it. sometimes, i wish i had more accepting friends. alright, hang on. lemme backtrack. im only back writin anything of any length cause pete brought up ani, and i then finally found the 9/11 poem i heard when i went to see her alone. broke me out. been gettin the led out the last week or so. thats real nice. of course, enron and the war. lotsa people that you think might, dont like flint mike. well, for me, he put together the enron thing best id seen it yet. but i gotta make a nice sidenote to the nytimes for exposin the hypocrisy of cheney’s bullshit explainin why he wont turn over info to the GAO. never thought id read it in there. and then dubya bush, oh that scary piece of shrubbery. well, hes doin it right, cause i think you can only really fight a war if you can make them the other, the less, the dark unknown. couldnt we at least try to lay it all out a little better.