Month: August 2003

good and current article about my main man. here is the way to make the most basic connection and show of support for the campaign. if you like dean so far, and think he might just be the best one out there, please sign up.

moved into the new place, and it rocks. first post from here.

during these last two days, its been very difficult to do anything at my apt. especially today, its been sweat and snot. the a/c broke a while ago and the allergies are excessive. so ive been sitting around nearly naked with tissues plugging my nose. and to make it worse, i found out the apt washing machine was broke after i loaded clothes and detergent. the bright side is that Dean has taken the lead in NH, and hell be at Navy Pier on tuesday. hopefully i can talk to my profs and be there too. yep, school starting. some videogame and fantasy football to look forward to, besides a new apartment, with fuckin a/c.

ok, this really should not surprise us now, but the levels of this shit do still really fuckin amaze me. and all ive heard recently is that there is evidence out there, and just you wait. nice to know that scientist who risked his life got to wait so long, and may still be.

sharpton made the point…in slavery, people have jobs too. but they dont have worker protections. shit, ill take it a step farther. in the third world, where our jobs are goin, maybe they should have slavery as its a step up in that at least they always get fed.

howard dean is goin on the tv airwaves in texas. goin at dubya’s base while he is at home to see it.