Month: March 2004

it is time for us democrats to seriously demand a new president, because he is not doing what is best to keep us safe. clarke proves it. people like me have been saying all along. we were always questioned as to whether we thought attacking iraq was a good idea or not. most of us said that we did not think it was the right way to protect us, along with other arguments we would throw on top. because of the way it transpired, folks asking us and our everything but the kitchen sink answers, i dont think people ever went away thinking about whether attacking iraq actually made us safer than the alternatives. but we said that from the beginning. now an insider agrees. now it begins to come out, the relatively unbelievable about this administration, what we had always seen in our alternative news sources.
we dean democrats. we who did not give up on the system, but we who would not lie down, and were sick that so many had. we must charge ahead. we will not allow him to bring it to us again, like kerry wants bush to do. this is our country. our brothers and sisters who died and still do, on 9/11 and in iraq. we have said it all along. bush is not doing the right thing to protect us. his ilk, who dominate the corporate media with his phrases, do not own the flag or decide what is patriotic. he and they have overstepped, tumbled forward really, and are about to fall. we who have said it all along, need to remind others and each other. we were right. we stand for our country and its people, against those who wish to divide or destroy us, abroad and at home.
ode to the internet: it is this tool that allowed us to find the information the corporate media did not report. it is this tool that allowed us to find each other to protest. it is this tool that allowed us to find and support such a great candidate as Howard Dean. it is this tool that allows such a greater democratic national and international discussion, via email and blogs. it is this tool that lets me hear and compare our media to the BBC. it is this tool that gives the rich and powerful nightmares.

clear as day. the bush white house explained that they wished to focus less on osama than had the previous clinton in april 2001

Last week, Dean offered up a blunt assessment of al-Qaida’s terrorist attack in Madrid: “The president was the one who dragged our troops to Iraq, which apparently has been a factor in the death of 200 Spaniards over the weekend.” from a piece in salon. the man is the man, sayin the truth, lettin the media just freak the fuck out.

so i have an idea. two problems with one stone. in chicago, and elsewhere too probably. get rid of all the little taxes/fees and get more affordable housing built, all by making the property tax structure more progressive. it is these fees and crap that help to deter folks from living here, while avoidable taxes decrease business. a more progressive property tax, done well, should shift housing construction and renovation from upper-income to more middle and lower-income dwellings. something most of us claim to want.

because a market needs rules to function, capitalism here is structured by democracy. and where does a large middle-class come from? a nice comprehensive piece

one much less apocalyptic view of the social security issue. i think it is the one nader holds, as it jives with what he has been saying the whole time.

“That this house notes with sadness the 10th anniversary of the death of Bill Hicks, on February 26th 1994, at the age of 33; recalls his assertion that his words would be a bullet in the heart of consumerism, capitalism and the American Dream; and mourns the passing of one of the few people who may be mentioned as being worthy of inclusion with Lenny Bruce in any list of unflinching and painfully honest political philosophers.” – Stephen Pound MP; Parliamentary House of Commons
aw, the british

because the mad cow was not a downer like they said, and the USDA is somehow about both profit and safety