Month: October 1999

really not much to say, but i feel like writing something. im starting to like McCain more and more. hope that a republican wins, am i crazy? so referencing my birthday, SBC says they will do all IP telephony by 2004. that would be a major surprise and achievement. laura, im sorry. wasnt in a good mood when you called and now you are in Hungary with no way to email me cause i missed it this morning. i never send any cause id rather hear your voice. so thinking about the shit i said above and got me annoyed at religion like i always am, but saw a PBS special and the pope is not all bad. he thinks science should be accepted by the church, has meeting with top guys, as the one truth will be shown in all fields, through faith and technology and discovery. he is really a pretty good guy, except for some of his pessimism on this being the century of death and also his refusal to accept communism when the only other choice was their own destruction. he has led the church to accept capitalism limitedly and defeated oppressive communism throughout europe. nobody wants abortion, so why limit contraception? and that leads me to my last comment, EC stands for emergency contraception which is a pill that does not allow conception to occur. it is contraception, not abortion like RU486. people need to know about it so go hereto learn. i choose not to fuck yet, but i dont think that needs to be the choice for others

driving today and i thought about the two girls that made me dumb. didnt fall in love with them cause love is not the romantic selfish crap of needing but much more beautiful and universal. anyway, they were both innocent and socially acceptable. then they dumped me and changed alot. got wild, not that that was bad, but just completely different. one side of the spectrum to the other. did i know that and got attracted cause of it, could i have caused it, would laura do the same? difference is that laura didnt make me dumb, and thats why i can stay with her. i tired of the others and then hated them, and it was all crazy bullshit that is not about long-term relationships but some kind of dysfunctional fill my need i didnt complete as a child cause my parents were like that shit. listen to loveline or see eyes wide shut if you are confused, and try to understand a little about people. man, im a self-righteous asshole. damn good movies recently, american beauty and fight club. had to say that other shit or spend too much time trying to write a song or poem or maybe i still will