Month: November 2003

cause he wouldnt dare, they made it up. and cause the Democrats have done enough weak-willed bullshit, the new candidate calls them out. it is past time to stop takin a southerner on the ticket as a bypass to addressing their concerns and confronting the truth.

it is this which makes him not the lesser of two evils, but an inspiration to so many of us here and abroad. it is this which really just might bring out those without faith in our system. this campaign is ‘drawn from deeper well springs”, as Dick Simpson might say.

go minnie go. and if you are wondering what the big deal is with dean and the federal matching funds limitation, check whats being heard in the belly of the beast.

i do wish he would clarify his statement about the confederate flag issue better to the american people (stupid that its been taken out of context anyway). having seen him use this reference many times, at least once in person, his intention is to argue that Democrats need to play to white southern economic self-interest while Republicans continue to play to their cultural identification. but this is the really big news. howard is truly people-powered!