Month: April 2003

so it is said that campaign contributions dont get you votes, but only access. why they should be allowed at all is my question? makes me wonder if cops are less strict on motorists with that ‘fraternal order of police’ sticker or something similar in the window. i think we know it aint right, partly cant change it cause those with money got the control that way and of course still have it, and we know it costs alot for a campaign and dont want to subsidize it or demand cheaper media. so far, im with dean. cars suck.

thats what democracy should look like
another plan too logical to me, as i understand the admins, to ignore. id prefer that we just stop supporting the bad guys, and not just continue to tell the world what to do. osama might be getting what he wanted all along, as our govt now sees it as a self-serving imperative that we support the will of the oppressed people of the region. hes just betting they choose fundamentalism when given the chance.

“When smashing monuments,” the Polish Holocaust survivor and satirist Stanislaw Lec once remarked, “save the pedestals—they always come in handy.”

2nd foreign nonviolent peace activist killed by israel in a month. this is what we ask of them, right? nonviolent disobedient resistence. but Power cannot withstand extreme Violence, as Arendt would say. i think we only hear of them cause they have been American and British. and cuba sucks too. i ask again, why kill? why not just lock ’em up? he is a socialist dictator, the way they claim it must begin. too little freedom. but i understand that in our capitalism monied interests predominate. reading Marx is helpin, but im still not buyin. that space betwixt.

yes, i still think it was a bad idea. and then there is the last place weliberated. i am glad the people will be rid of that asshole.

just a power play, or a recognition that economics and politics rest upon reality, one changed all the time by technology.

september 29th, 2003. my 25th birthday. the bears open the remodeled soldier field on a monday night against the packers. coincidence? i think not!

about iraq? this makes the most sense of all ive read so far.
and shit, one more. do a find for the words ‘do you’.