Month: April 2001

something’s added to the air. REALity tv. the chant wasnt ‘justice’ but ‘so, so, solidarit√©’. it was quebec

the cycle – like he says, the reason this bush guy aint so bad, it causes a pop art change, i think, people see that social concerns are not being heard or even payed lip-service, and they begin to demand more from their entertainment, maybe

there is a new picture page from quebec city, more later

that ani girl. in honor of her new cd set coming out, i decided to pop in dilate. i had to dance to superhero. heidi, the giggly one i thought for a long-time disliked me, introduced me to the righteous babe via that disc on the same day we waited for metro dylan tickets. not that im a big fan, but i respect him. ani and springsteen, props to the sun for life on earth. it was early and cold. the line went around the block and across a number of intersections. we thought we had a chance. there were four shows. we waited in line three hours. we were two people short of getting tickets. so we hit the salt-n-pepper afterwards. only the mounties can stop me now. some wild ideas bein thrown around. second fiddle to the democrats till we show that greens care about this too. dont we? there is more to racism than market manipulation / continuation of imperialism in free trade terms. i wanna protest mcveigh’s execution too, middle of may in indiana. ill get ideas in quebec. we train, they kill, and then they start thinkin. thats when the trouble starts. happens alot. bin laden?

nutshell. not doin much for easter. laundry

i know of one confirmed person goin to the summit in quebec. thats dubya. then there are definitely maybes. thats me and kathy and beth. if i dont, will i respect myself in the mornin? marc, you gotta hook me up with the anarchists at your el stop. they prolly got this trip all figured out. im thinkin dog whistles. “the troops must come home immediately” “we simply want an apology” “the american people must be patient, diplomacy takes time” if the troops are really your first priority sir, how bout goin to china for a good ol’ kowtow? partake in ritual, get some culture, even kissinger did. show that it takes a real man to say im sorry. i also know of a definite no show in quebec. fidel. he wasnt invited. its alright, hed be too busy tryin to figure out how to get american medicines to his people, why this free trade area of the americas thing is so selectively exclusive.
that damn liberal media

youve seen it on the playground. bigger kid teases smaller kid by getting so close, in his face, maybe a half-inch away. ‘im not touching you, im not touching you’. little kid pushes him. so who started it? hope the teacher saw

youd think there might be more of a push by ‘trickle-down’ conservative economists to pass mccain-feingold, as im sure the nearly 500 million dollars could have been better used by companies and unions to ‘expand opportunities’ and ‘raise the bottom line’