that ani girl. in honor of her new cd set coming out, i decided to pop in dilate. i had to dance to superhero. heidi, the giggly one i thought for a long-time disliked me, introduced me to the righteous babe via that disc on the same day we waited for metro dylan tickets. not that im a big fan, but i respect him. ani and springsteen, props to the sun for life on earth. it was early and cold. the line went around the block and across a number of intersections. we thought we had a chance. there were four shows. we waited in line three hours. we were two people short of getting tickets. so we hit the salt-n-pepper afterwards. only the mounties can stop me now. some wild ideas bein thrown around. second fiddle to the democrats till we show that greens care about this too. dont we? there is more to racism than market manipulation / continuation of imperialism in free trade terms. i wanna protest mcveigh’s execution too, middle of may in indiana. ill get ideas in quebec. we train, they kill, and then they start thinkin. thats when the trouble starts. happens alot. bin laden?

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