Month: June 1999

i feel obliged to write something today. my lazy ass bought a ticket for Tibetan ’99 cause RATM joined the Chicago show at Alpine Valley but then this morning i went back to sleep cause it looked like the show would be flooded out. should of went, cause even the mud would have been better than me sitting here doing shit. guess ill get laundry done. i was thinking last night, that there has gotta be a better way than ticketmaster. i bought the ticket that was supposed to cost 38.50 and it ended up at 47.00. if you want to buy the tickets in person, you gotta go to a dominicks food store and hope the system is working. does ticketmaster pay the people at dominicks? maybe people could devise a way to beat them with some new tech stuff. i hope so, cause no service fee should be over 5 bucks ever! my grandmother died friday night/saturday morning. such a good lady, took care of me alot when i was little. i just want to say thank you.

no more bad frames, and i finally got running as you can tell if you are reading this. world domination will surely follow although the process is going slow.