Month: February 2001

at the k-rad show last thursday at the empty bottle, i saw a stop smiling sticker. ‘muckraking is not a crime’, loved that. they are still around, joe introduced me awhile ago. on the whole idea of media bias, comes two articles related on fighting this problem. one by chuck, another by muckrakers. all back to campaign finance reform, but isnt it all…

the california power crisis. here and here. the problem came from mixing a a half-assed free-market approach with corporate welfare. generally, the government did three things: enforced companies to become distributors only, barred long-term price rate contracts between distributors and producers, and limited the price the distributors could charge the consumers. so both sides took advantage, and the distributors are getting screwed: the producers (the power plants) decreased supply to increase their price and make more money, consumers increased demand cause they saw no increased cost, making it even worse. so the distribution companies are bankrupting, and bills are being discussed to shift the burden to tax payers, californians or maybe even all of the US if the federal government bails them out. the california state government fucked up, be it because of corporate lobbying or an interest in saving residents money or just bad economic theory.

still at work, been about a half-day now, my fault and im really not complaining, i got to watch ‘american experience’ on PBS about the lincolns. just the first part so far, very good, more truth than you might usually hear. then i watched ‘chicago tonight’, good shows on that networkchicago. it was about the friday bombings of iraq by us. seems a coming consensus (even here) that we must get a new plan, the rest of the world just doesnt seem willing to obey anymore. i dont know if i believe that we dont target civilians, or that we at least take care to only bomb military where civilians are not in any danger. look into our history, specifically documents on our use of nuclear weapons or the Dresden bombings. end the no-fly zones and the sanctions, we dont have international support for them anymore. we as a nation need to start talking, figuring out an international policy, especially for the mideast region. ill get to work arguing with my political nemesis Jeremy, you too!

valentine’s day, time to wish mike and pat happy birthdays, someone else too, im forgetting? im missing the pumpkins, knew i would if i was wrong, and i was. they broke up for real. time for modest mouse and propagandhi obsession. hmm, politics…bill movin to harlem, lies told about their last days coming to light, damn leftist media. marc rich thing is pretty crazy, i think it was partly for the political donations and partly as a move for Barak, we’ll see. betcha he’ll be cleared by the end of it, this re-impeach stuff is funny. clinton is the biggest celeb this world has ever known, the general populace still likes what he has done, while they disapprove of his personal life. and we still want to hear about him, bad or good, and he loves it. he probably planned all this shit just to stay in the headlines. how do you explain a man so politically savvy as to have come back so many times, doing such things as the expensive office and the marc rich pardon and even if half of the vandalism really happened. not smart enough to avoid the monica thing? exactly why he knows theyd look into everything, the monica thing was only discovered after all else failed. the man made a movie about how bored he was during the last year or so with monicagate over. (dismemberment plan playing, yea) maybe it all wasnt directly that he wanted to be attacked like during monicagate, but a subconscious thing like the monica thing, the lack of a male rolemodel growing up (another theory i heard). i have no idea what thats like, and i dont do stupid self-gratifying shit that i shouldnt out in the open or easily discovered. Rev. neither. liberal bastards
can he recreate the past, updated with nifty politically correct female and minority images? do we want that? from the cabinet to the policies to the tax plan. some of even the super-wealthy say no.

looking the gift horse in the mouth
i got up about 3 hours ago. not sure why i slept so late, just no reason to get up i guess, and a headache. weekend was strange, found out ‘bright eyes’ was playing friday night at the empty bottle, so i convinced mike and kevin to try going out there. turned out the band didnt show account of the weather, which wasnt really bad. so we tried to meet up with kathy at her new apartment, but needed to give her time to get there. got KFC at one that had bulletproof glass/plastic between us and the chicken, and rotating trays to trade money for food. then we hung with kathy at her new place, which is quite spacious with cats. one with a cold. krispee kreemes and sleep. saw my girl saturday, she is still sick. [napster just cut out, fuck, back now] then mike picked me up and we picked up marc and tried to get into the fireside bowl for ‘the weakerthans’ show. sold out, im told it doesnt happen much. so we went to brook & ethan’s new city apt. never been there, i like, close to jewel, so we got snacks to bide time before being too late to the Neo-Futurarium. tried to see ‘Too Much Light…’ but it sold out. so we tried the Improv Olympic for the free cage match at midnight, but it wasnt happening. so went to the Vic for the Brew & View for ‘dude, where’s my car?’ but i got to see mike and marc and brook and ethan and Stef too (separate thing, Jon’s party upstairs), people i dont see that often, very nice. oh yeah, and the XFL and ‘showtime at the Apollo’. see, me and racaps dont work well

bey articles found by the riothero. i really recommend Islam and the Internet. thanx

israelis chose Sharon. what does that say to palestinians? this articlereminds me of what i heard over the weekend. right around the last time the century changed, we were infatuated with new gizmos and living pretty damn good. we never imagined we’d soon see more death than the world had ever known.

Bush likes his new “faith-based” social programs, and im guessing he likes the guy he chose to run it. Well, that guy, John J. DiIulio Jr., wrote an article about how Bush become president that i really like but that i guess W would not. kinda got the six degrees of separation thing goin