looking the gift horse in the mouth
i got up about 3 hours ago. not sure why i slept so late, just no reason to get up i guess, and a headache. weekend was strange, found out ‘bright eyes’ was playing friday night at the empty bottle, so i convinced mike and kevin to try going out there. turned out the band didnt show account of the weather, which wasnt really bad. so we tried to meet up with kathy at her new apartment, but needed to give her time to get there. got KFC at one that had bulletproof glass/plastic between us and the chicken, and rotating trays to trade money for food. then we hung with kathy at her new place, which is quite spacious with cats. one with a cold. krispee kreemes and sleep. saw my girl saturday, she is still sick. [napster just cut out, fuck, back now] then mike picked me up and we picked up marc and tried to get into the fireside bowl for ‘the weakerthans’ show. sold out, im told it doesnt happen much. so we went to brook & ethan’s new city apt. never been there, i like, close to jewel, so we got snacks to bide time before being too late to the Neo-Futurarium. tried to see ‘Too Much Light…’ but it sold out. so we tried the Improv Olympic for the free cage match at midnight, but it wasnt happening. so went to the Vic for the Brew & View for ‘dude, where’s my car?’ but i got to see mike and marc and brook and ethan and Stef too (separate thing, Jon’s party upstairs), people i dont see that often, very nice. oh yeah, and the XFL and ‘showtime at the Apollo’. see, me and racaps dont work well

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