Month: May 2004

bush budget priorities. i can understand increasing defense when youve bogged the country down in a country you had no real good reason to involve us in. i can even put myself in the shoes of a fuckin republican who thinks the tax cuts were worth it and domestic spending on things like the environment, health, and education are a waste. at least thats the basic conservative idea. but how the fuck, and i mean good fuckin lord what is going on in your head you lying fuckface, can you cut veterans spending during a war as well as homeland security just after it comes out that al queda is strong and you scare us with and admit that it looks like they will strike this summer? wha?!

im not at the point that i feel it is unwinnable, but here is an interesting piece from a left viewpoint

regarding the June 30th transfer…
On economic issues, the resolution says that the interim government will control Iraq’s oil money with international supervision.
However, British officials made clear that it would not have any power over long-term oil contracts and its legislative powers would be minimal. It will have no right to make or change any security or constitutional law.
i understand that since it is only an interim govt, you might not want to give it power over oil far into the future. still, the future govt would be able to change that, if it will have any real power. we need to ask the question. deal with it directly. will, and if so when, the iraqis have complete control over their massive resource? if we gave up all claims, would it not alleviate some of the chaos? even if it would not, isnt it just the right thing to do?

basically the same argument i eventually make to any republican who starts to complain about taxes. yes, the article does it better. and yes, i should have simply left it at every republican. based on every one of them that i have met, this is the main issue.

first, here. very important! im not sure how much is in the book, but on air america last night, there was talk of how Bush plays to our fear, our inner Archie Bunker. that and more got me to thinkin. Bush also says there is good and evil in the world, as if there are people who are one or the other. the wise understand that we are all of a dual nature, selfish and selfless. selfish is easier, it is lazy. but we yearn for that deep inner feeling. there is something great in the sense of community, being part of something greater than yourself. it feels good. people want to be called to greatness. leaders ask more of their people. they inspire. they understand that to sacrifice for the greater good gives you a feeling that makes it all worthwile. this is the way Democrats can almost always win, especially against the far-right republicans. they are rooted in the selfish. but kerry needs to explore this big theme, not play the simple alternative. ask of us, ask us to believe in ourselves, ask us to live by our better angels. ‘i believe’

fuck ticketmaster. no other options, and they took a 25% cut, $11 on 2 $18 tickets