first, here. very important! im not sure how much is in the book, but on air america last night, there was talk of how Bush plays to our fear, our inner Archie Bunker. that and more got me to thinkin. Bush also says there is good and evil in the world, as if there are people who are one or the other. the wise understand that we are all of a dual nature, selfish and selfless. selfish is easier, it is lazy. but we yearn for that deep inner feeling. there is something great in the sense of community, being part of something greater than yourself. it feels good. people want to be called to greatness. leaders ask more of their people. they inspire. they understand that to sacrifice for the greater good gives you a feeling that makes it all worthwile. this is the way Democrats can almost always win, especially against the far-right republicans. they are rooted in the selfish. but kerry needs to explore this big theme, not play the simple alternative. ask of us, ask us to believe in ourselves, ask us to live by our better angels. ‘i believe’

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