Month: October 2004

this has been making the rounds. it is jon stewart directly challenging one example of the current crop of ‘tough’ tv news. our media does a great job these days of pretending to confront candidates, while it truly fails us by forgoing any attempt at extended discussion of difficult issues.

the source of the inspiration. ive got a test on movements tomorrow, had one on elections today. funny that this dean thing is really both.

what if the candidates swear? what if they tell the straight-up truth? what if one of them did both?

the guide to wifi. also, last DFA event before the election. new place, downtown. there was a nader meetup right next to us, and i got some more info on what madigan may have done to keep nader off the ballot in IL. but now i find out that the link they pointed me to is crap. its called illinois leader, and is a conservative news source for IL. perhaps I should have expected as much, with most of them being libertarians. reminds me of the crap i heard in the car today coming out of WLS 890. uh, fucking pathetic. in the morning, the conservative wasnt really challenged, and the afternoon consisted of some kind of consensus that cheney won and edwards might be gay. and the caller they picked to make fun of, was a conspiratorial leftist. actually sounded like my mom. and perhaps two other things that i should mention. got into an interesting discussion tonight after work with some work people, about race. it continued an issue from the weekend. i feel like the racist white guy afterward. and also, how the fuck does cheney get away with so much blatant bullshit? never met the man till tonight? that kinda shit should get you removed from the event.