Month: May 2002

FAIR’s current counterspin episode is really good this week, discussing what the press should be talking about, not just what he knew and when. but one thing first. if we had warnings, but mainly had problems digesting the info, maybe we should rethink that Patriot Act that im guessing most folks have forgotten. we dont need more info, more contacts with clandestine figures, but a better filter, seemingly the opposite of what the act gives us. its all there. please right click and save and listen.

let us hope that this is all it was, typical bureaucracy to blame. i was supposed to argue about the whole ‘what did we know and when’ situation on sunday night, but i was late. missed my more conservative friends. there was a nice big discussion on saturday. bout patriotism and such. two days of bbq and friends, and more friends and alleyball on monday. it was quality.

blogger is troublin. i had somethin, now nuthin, but a link about the fucked up columbia situation

its always funny to read stuff like this, or talk to people who are truly knowledgeable about finances and accounting and stocks. the economics folks. they know how corporations manipulate information to make their stocks/companies seem more valuable just to get more money. how they promote and use laws that allow for dodging taxes. none of them, that ive met, think that businesses shouldnt use every possible option. some help the companies do just that. others just learn it in order to not be tricked, be taken as a foolish investor. but most also think some of the options shouldnt be available, that they are or verge on abuses of the system. there is a rift between the free-marketeers and those who are pro-business, and we we need to pound and expand our little green wedge right on in.

fuck man, it doesnt matter what me or anyone else thinks the president knew or didnt know or if anybody thinks the FBI or CIA or the white house failed us, unless all you are trying to do is score political points on either side. but it does matter what they actually knew and what they did with the information. the truth. what happened. and why? sooner we look into it, the less the fuckin spin is gonna matter. kinda like jenin. “they dare to question us? (yeah, we dont know what happened but we would like to) how dare they! (democracy is built upon an informed public debate) they dont want the truth! (no, thats all we are asking for) its all being done for their political advantage.” (give out the information, and let the people decide) or maybe just say no, and stall while people lose interest. seems to work well enough these days.

my golly, the reason im still up eating ice cream. marc? part five, detail four