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this is a test. I want to love wordpress joining the fedi. early days for sure. but I want it to be built in, not a plug in. I want it to make the wordpress site function as full featured client, allowing log in from fedi apps. letting the “blogger” reply to replies. we will get there imo. oh, also I would like it not to crash my wordpress installation.


on this post, the title doesn’t show up. but a link to the original post does. it’s also character limited.


here we go again

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the DNC blog is now called ‘Kicking Ass‘. hmm…

this is a must-read about social security in the newest edition of rolling stone. i met joe trippi tonight. he spoke at an event tonight, and then spent all the time he could answering questions and signing books. he was very nice and willing to talk afterwards. i must say thank you very much, even though he doesnt think Dean fits the job. still likes him though, just feels that he isnt right for it and shouldnt be stifled by it.

wouldnt it be nice if the earthquake/tsunami took out osama? perhaps he was just sitting there, smug, on some small island near indonesia (home of the largest islamic population), thinking that he had outsmarted everyone.

simply an alternative way to understand all the games children play. unlike blago, maybe we should think about science and childhood development and not how best to make bullshit laws and play the culture wars to our own future political advantage

seems like ive heard this all before, from my main man howie…perhaps thats why some of them were dean dozeners. we have to take over our party, for the good of the nation