Month: June 2003

lies and politics. then there is dean maybe winning the fundraising battle for this quarter. unexpected, as it is coming as small donatations from regular folks. but thats been the nature of his campaign. well see tomorrow.

i guess it just killed him. over his dead body? and we thought hed never drop. i think im the first on this one, right? i win, i win. gotta copyright it. ok, enuf

Question our leaders. The ladies and gentlemen who serve in the military have taken an oath. They can not question their authority. It is our job to do it for them. is it true? they can’t question them at all?
guess im in love. sometimes my girl wishes she was the abstract idea of politics. anyway, nice job dave

dean and lieberman, in this article here. explains a little about both of their positions on some issues. just markin more dean in the mainstream press, and its a pretty good one.

yesterday i joined other chicagoans greeting dean on his way into the Rainbow PUSH debate thingy. then i got lucky and got a badge to get in and see it. he did better on that than he did on ‘meet the press’ that morning. i then went to one of the two fundraisers, the cheaper one. today, i attended a party for the official declaration of dean’s candidacy. free party with food and drink and video of the speech. more dean, all the time. im beginning to feel that dean is reaching a critical mass. he is not the lefty savior. shocking. he is not an ‘elephant running around in a donkey-suit’ (sharpton’s line) either. he stands for what he feels is right, and most of the time i agree. he thinks you might too. he is an impressive guy with an established record who aint as slick as willy nor as shallow as gw. ill be in the corner with my new book of gospel songs.

once again the bushes are caught tryin to change the facts. like my favorite song/scene from the movie chicago, “They (We) Both Reached for the Gun.” similarly, an iraq spoof

about those sunset provisions i mentioned earlier. i wish i could find a collection of all of his writings.
more words bout our next president, damnit. i met him up in Milwaukee last weekend at the WI democratic convention. inspiring, personal, just overall impressive. i also made flyers, but was lazy and didnt pass them out on sunday like i was plannin, cept for my mom and dad. he is bein attacked by both sides now, so he must be doin well.

i noticed that dean doesnt mention much about his family history. i mean he has said that his dad was rich, but he is as blueblood as bush. i read that, and it upset me. i read this, and i decided again to do whatever i can to get him elected. and well i just found this. i really need to make my own.