yesterday i joined other chicagoans greeting dean on his way into the Rainbow PUSH debate thingy. then i got lucky and got a badge to get in and see it. he did better on that than he did on ‘meet the press’ that morning. i then went to one of the two fundraisers, the cheaper one. today, i attended a party for the official declaration of dean’s candidacy. free party with food and drink and video of the speech. more dean, all the time. im beginning to feel that dean is reaching a critical mass. he is not the lefty savior. shocking. he is not an ‘elephant running around in a donkey-suit’ (sharpton’s line) either. he stands for what he feels is right, and most of the time i agree. he thinks you might too. he is an impressive guy with an established record who aint as slick as willy nor as shallow as gw. ill be in the corner with my new book of gospel songs.

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