still at work, been about a half-day now, my fault and im really not complaining, i got to watch ‘american experience’ on PBS about the lincolns. just the first part so far, very good, more truth than you might usually hear. then i watched ‘chicago tonight’, good shows on that networkchicago. it was about the friday bombings of iraq by us. seems a coming consensus (even here) that we must get a new plan, the rest of the world just doesnt seem willing to obey anymore. i dont know if i believe that we dont target civilians, or that we at least take care to only bomb military where civilians are not in any danger. look into our history, specifically documents on our use of nuclear weapons or the Dresden bombings. end the no-fly zones and the sanctions, we dont have international support for them anymore. we as a nation need to start talking, figuring out an international policy, especially for the mideast region. ill get to work arguing with my political nemesis Jeremy, you too!

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