i know of one confirmed person goin to the summit in quebec. thats dubya. then there are definitely maybes. thats me and kathy and beth. if i dont, will i respect myself in the mornin? marc, you gotta hook me up with the anarchists at your el stop. they prolly got this trip all figured out. im thinkin dog whistles. “the troops must come home immediately” “we simply want an apology” “the american people must be patient, diplomacy takes time” if the troops are really your first priority sir, how bout goin to china for a good ol’ kowtow? partake in ritual, get some culture, even kissinger did. show that it takes a real man to say im sorry. i also know of a definite no show in quebec. fidel. he wasnt invited. its alright, hed be too busy tryin to figure out how to get american medicines to his people, why this free trade area of the americas thing is so selectively exclusive.
that damn liberal media

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