the only love i know is a universal one, a valentines day post. balls!christian. if thats what you mean, i only wish i could call myself one. think gdubya would give these folks cash based on the whole faith-based plan hes still cookin. nonviolent direct action. doesnt have to be religious, just seemed easier and worked that way in the past mostly. NVDAN. nonviolence needs to be stessed better, or we need to separate from the groups that dont feel thats a priority, like the chicago dan. gandhi and mlk. the trouble is really gettin folks willin to lay it out for a cause. a charismatic leader helps, a life or death issue does too. dont know if i could get folks onto soldier field and in front of the machinery. we really need more people willing to do it in the fair trade movement. am i willing, the beatings and arrests? i wasnt while in quebec. i think back to the police truck up there, and the cop hangin out the vehicle and yellin and threatenin. of course we should of all slowly approached the truck with hands up, surrounded it and laid down. cover the street. shoulda woulda coulda

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