i started to read a weblog, cause it was recently updated, and i found a sleater-kinney interview, interested but really never heard, and i find a billy interview, just after machina was released. read it if you dont have a ticket for tomorrow’s show, and you may be surprised what you realize. said it all along, and we shall see. im planning on waiting out in the cold anyway, meant to be stuff. do people understand me at all? the damn stream thing i do when i communicate. anyway, to you again man, i do like to hold cd’s and the art. could i be more on? its all so close, art or imitation. i think people can tell intrinsically. from you, or from the forces around? to envelop the power, realize that artist expressed something to allow you to feel it. pearl jam to zeppelin to muddy waters to some guy before him to the guy before him and on and on and on, to the collective that you felt and loved
diverting from the pumpkins stint…and back to politics! ive heard too much about how stupid gore voters are. (aka: confused by the butterfly-ballot and not smart enough to punch all the way down) they just dont get as much free help…there are two counties in florida, martin and seminole, where absentee ballots would have been thrown out and not counted if it were not for the republican office attendants that corrected mistakes. in martin alone, bush would have lost about 2800 votes. lawsuits are pending. far from over

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