it has been awhile. and it doesnt appear that ill be able to post again till maybe thursday. my home computer died, but i think it was just the power supply and not too bad to fix. tomorrow and wednesday, ive got a class on windows registry. the bad part is it starts at 8am, ends at 5pm, and then i get to go to work. if i can wake that early. so of course the pics on the top wont change for a while. im gonna miss dismemberment down at U of I, grrr, this weekend. and it also looks like making it to quebec city april 20-22 to protest the extension of NAFTA into FTAA wont happen, its fuckin 18 hours away, i was thinkin like 8 would be ok. but if you read this, and are really interested in getting beat up by cops and breathing tear gas to stop the inhumanity to man, say hello. i just cant find anyone who is interested in it enough, but i do need to ask more people. think ive got 4 days left to take off, and the drive means id prolly need to use ’em.

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