blogger is having tech difficulties huh, hope this posts…leaving tomorrow for a week. need to shave and other jazz.
!wake up! morrison would scream it out of nowhere, this was the beauty that he was ive gotta get back to that, ive felt asleep for so long, sometimes i blame it on my girlfriend, but is me and my acceptance of the situations that life gives you. the winter is the worst, im dreaming of a summer night spent walking downtown chicago and the beach in the morning. two perfect times at the equinox, at the MCA, leaning on the stage at the metro waiting and then watching, best of friends around, laying in the grass till its time to go in. then a wander through the galleries and downtown chicago, a little diner so busy, back to the museum to fall asleep watching a twisted film, and the long trek back to joe’s as the sun came up and beat down. along the beach and the streets. two into one, waiting for number three

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