its the saturday after a good independence day. the day before i hit the taste of chicago and ate well and watched the fireworks over the lake, before comin out to the burbs to hang at a friends place. yesterday, i went to the brookfield picnic thing and saw my brother dean and his family. dean competed in a fireman event that involves 2 teams, one on each side, each firing water from hoses at a suspended barrel, trying to push it along the suspension line. it was a tourney, and dean’s team almost won it all. then i went to a bbq at laura’s fam’s house and then to a friend’s place. ended the night with lisle fireworks, like almost every 4th of july at saul’s grandmother’s. good times. at 2 today there is a ‘cook the bush’-out howard dean fundraiser bbq in the logan square area. oh, and on wed was a meetup and we wrote letters to iowans. worked out much better than i expected. here (im in the fourth picture) we wrote stuff like this. been a good week.

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