we looked at an experiment on news broadcasts for the last week in my political science class. in the article, it explained how prior experiments had shown that people’s opinions are generally not directly swayed by the news. but in this experiment, it was shown that the news does have an effect on what issues people find important. in the vast abyss of possible political issues and discourse, news organizations work as a flashlight that finds and highlights certain issues for us. much like what zinn said about history, the bias is in what is chosen to be taught (or shown) out of the infinite possibilities. the experiment also showed that the more politically informed people are, the less the news affected them. i think thats why its important to try to get your news from many different locations. dont get it all from limbaugh or greenpeace. and either fox news is ignorant, shady, or they need to change the slogan: ‘we report, you decide’. and it was nice to have a little politics thrown into the rock music last night, by the middle band called ‘boy sets fire’. they said question your govt, its our right, and got a lot of boos. i went for my buddy j’s bday, and he mentioned there is a lot of metal support for bush, and that might explain it. ugh.

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